Alpine Forecast

Alpine Forecast from BoM [snow weather]

Is It Snowing Now?

To find out if it's cold enough, have a look at the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies's computer generated Prognostic Chart.

Look for the dark 540 line. If this line (or any line less than 540) is over us then it means the air is cold and dense enough to snow down to 1400m or so. If 522 is over us then it should snow to sea level!
You can also look to see if precipitation is likely, and see other predictions.

Or A Home Brewed Method

An average of Melb City and Frankston temperatures are linearly interpolated through the Mt Dandenong temperature to give an altitude for zero degrees C ie. the snow height (if it's raining). This method works well if it's windy and cloudy ie. not on clear still days.

Mt Dandenong, Melb and Bay Temps

Snow Altitude

Melbourne City temperatures in green
Mt Dandenong temperatures are in red
Frankston is shown in aqua
SNOW height!
Graph height cut-off is at 2500m.

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