Canberra - Today

Forecast issued at 4:20 pm EST on Saturday 6 June 2020.

Forecast for the rest of Saturday - Partly cloudy. Light winds. Chance of any rain: 0%
Sunday - Mostly cloudy. Early fog and frost patches. Light winds. Chance of any rain: 10%

Early frost. Cloudy. Min -2 Max 12

Tuggeranong Min -2 Max 12

more Monday Morning frost. Mostly sunny. Min -1 Max 14
Tuesday Partly cloudy. Min 1 Max 13
Wednesday Partly cloudy. Min 1 Max 15
Thursday Morning frost. Partly cloudy. Min -1 Max 14
Friday Partly cloudy. Min 0 Max 13
Saturday Partly cloudy. Min 2 Max 14

Current Temperature 0.6

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